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Premium total skin care lines, 100% maple sap

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  • MaterialAcer Mono Sap, Alcohol, Glycerin, PEG-8, Sea Water Maris Aqua (Sea Water) etc


  • South Korea South Korea

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Most High Praise 2014 COSMOPROOF Italy

MAYCOOP, the world 1st 100% sap skin care

"MAYCOOP" is the world 1st premium skin care brand, 100% Maple Sap.
K-Beauty leading cosmetic brand, Made/Designed/Finished in Korea

│ MAYCOOP is │
a natural, organic skincare cosmetics brand that features 100% sap of Maple Sugar Extract(MSE) as a main ingredient.

>> RAW series items
Raw Sauce, Activator, Moisturizer, Concentra DAY cream, Concentra Night cream, EYE contour

>> Single line items
Morning Dew, Tightening Mask, Cleansing Mousse, KURUMI body scrub

>> Recently we've launched at

  • Premium beauty salons in USA (Los Angeles, New York)
  • Premium department stores in HongKong
  • On the verge of premium esthetic beauty salons in Taiwan, Japan, Europe

MAYCOOP is an innovative Korean skincare brand that uses 100% maple tree sap as the main ingredient in its skincare products instead of water.
In order for an ingredient to get where it needs to go, it's molecules have to be small enough to pass through the barrier-and that's the secret to MAYCOOP's miracle ingredient: MAPLE TREE SAP
MAYCOOP is the world first skincare brand used maple tree sap as its base ingredient rather than water. That's because unlike water molecules, maple tree sap molecules are the same size as our body's natural fluids, making their delivery into the skin uniquely and highly effective. And once those tiny molecules are absorbed, they intensely revitalize skin with a plethora of beneficial nutrients, vatamins and minerals such as amino peptides and calcium.
So make pale your new skincare staple, and beautify from deep within.


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