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Micro-needle patch “Y-Lab”

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Y - LAB 

Biodegradable Micro-Needle Patch, perfect BOTOX Alternative


What is Biodegradable  Micro needle?

• Advanced transdermal dru g delivery system

• The advanced fabrication technique of “Drawing lithography”

• Non-invasive, pain free as general patch 


Under skin Direct response _ Biodegradable Micro needle

1. Hyaluronic acid is biodegraded to deliver active ingredient under the skin directly.  

    - No side effect (X)   Pain free (X)  Moisturizing (O)

2. Effective EGF & Active Ingredient interact for anti-wrinkle to the inner skin

    - Skin improvement   ▶   Anti-wrinkle / Whitening / Moisturizing

    - Free activity   ▶   Ergonomic design / Clingy patch type


High functionality with Active ingredient

 - Maintenance of Safe character during the process


Biodegradable Micro Needle

 - Dissolving micro needle with active compounds in various polymers

 - Disease-customized smart dru g delivery system


Functional Patch

 - Control of active ingredient from evaporating

    ▶ Skin trouble minimization  

 - Strong contact, Free activity


Remarkable Effective Improvement

- Application every two days (Test period : 4 weeks ü Observation after test: + 8 weeks)

- The test result of 53 years old OOO


after 2 weeks later!

Improvement of the wrinkle  ∙ slack! Outstanding whitening effect!

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