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Microneedle Botox Patch wrinkle Care whitenin

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  • Materialmicroneedle, micro-needle, needless patch, hyaluronic acid, peptide8
  • Payment TermsT/T,Others


  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

100% Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide 8 tightening cream and Whitening serum


                  4 weeks anti-aging solution (BOTOX while sleeping)

                  Micro-needle needless Botox Patch wrinkle Care & whitening creams




>> Why is the "Y-LAB BTX PATCH" drawing attention?
Hyaluronic acid, a strong moisturizing and nutritive ingredient, has large particles, so it is difficult to be absorbed by skin with cosmetics. That is why a syringe is required to make it to reach skin layers.

The Y-LAB BOTOX PATCH is enabled by the new technology of micro-sizing and solidifying (like putting it into a needle) 100% hyaluronic acid in order to directly inject it into your skin without causing any pain. Consequently, helps you remove winkles fast.
The safety and efficacy of the product has already been confirmed through patents and clinical tests.

>> Summary of the Y-LAB Products


This 4-week anti-aging package greatly helps you remove your wrinkles and whiten your skin. The package is composed of a 100%  HYALURONIC ACID BOTOX PATCH, WRINGLE TIGHTENING CREAM and WHITENING SERUM. Using the BTX PATCH, CREAM and SERUM contributes to making your skin healthier innovatively.

** A clinical test has confirmed the improvement of skin after the 4-week use of the products. (Every 3rd day)

** Component: 8 BTX patches, 1 Wrinkle tightening, 1 whitening serum

>> Core Ingredients and Order of Use
    - Main Ingredient: 100% Hyaluronic acid
    - Characteristics: Easy-to-use and non-irritatin, it provides intensive care for the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth
    - Skin Type: For all skin types

    - Main Ingredient: peptide 8 (Botox peptide)
    - Characteristics: Its intensive care removes your wrinkles and improves your skin clasticity
    - Skin Type: For all skin types

    - Main Ingredient: anhydrous and mild vitamin C 10,000mg
    - Characteristics: Its intensive care helps you remove the traces of freckles, blemishes and acne, making your skin clear (Intensive care of small areas)
    - Skin Type: For all skin types

>> Technology and Characteristics

The patch contains 100% hyaluronic acid and it rapidly analyzes its active ingredients so that they can reach the dermis, thanks to its "Self-Transfer system".


>> How to Use
01. Before going to bed, wash your face and open the pouch with dry hands. Take our the patch from the transparent package.
02. Remove the protective film. Be careful not to touch the micro-structure at the center.
03. Attach the patch tightly. The center of the patch should be located on the area that requires care.
04. Press the center of the attached patch with your finger.
05. Remove the patch the next morning.


>> Caution
1. When attaching the patch, do not rub it but just press it vertically, once.
2. You can miximized the effects if you sleep with the patch on your skin.
3. Once you have attached the patch, do not remove and attach it again.
4. After removing the patch, hyaluronic acid may remain on your skin.  Please use your skin care products to spread it for the sustainability.
5. Never attach the patch with your makeup on. It might cause troubles on your skin.
** The product's "NEEDLING" effect may redden the area for a while after use. If the reddening continues for an extended period of time, stop using the product.



Botox While Sleeping. 4 weeks Wrinkle Free Project!

Use it Easily, Whenever and Wherever!